Off-Page SEO

Off Page SEO

We have seen the on page SEO in previous page. On page SEO, are the techniques which are applied on our website. But in this page, we are presenting information about off page SEO.

Off page SEO- Off- Page SEO focuses on the ranking factors that occur outside of your website like a brand mentions and backlinks.

Off page SEO are the techniques. where you work outside your webpage. In another words, the technique where you don't work on your website but link your website with different platforms.

This is the meaning of off page SEO. It means applying the techniques on website going off the page.

Let's we understand it through an example. Suppose you are owning a home. You decorated, maintained with equipment. Now you are expecting that more and more guests should visit your home. In the same way, you made a website optimized it, increased speed, and put keywords. Now you are wanting to increase your ranking so that many users should visit the website and increase traffic to your website. Maximum people should know your website. Here some factors need to be considered. Suppose your home is situated at a colony and many renowned high authority people like Chief Minister, M.L.A., M.P. are coming, Visiting your home. Due to this, reputation of your home will increase or decrease? Of course, it will increase! All other people also will have wish to come to your home. Right? Likewise if such website's links are getting directed towards your website and such links are from websites of high authority. If links from high authority websites are getting directed towards your website then the search engines will understand that your website is good and valuable. There is something extraordinary in your website and that's why such links from high authority and important websites are getting directed towards your website. It seems that your website is also having quality content and as a result your website's ranking will increase on search Engines!

As a result, more and more users will visit your website. In this way we will do off page SEO.

Main goal of off page SEO- To bring audience & links from high Authority platforms.

Ultimately, there is an objective- Bring traffic to our website from different different websites of high authority so that search engine will think that our website is genuine and people trust our website. Thus all such activities, by which we build links, publish ads or blogs having reference of our website.

Usually when we talk about off-page SEO, we hear about backlinks. Backlinks play an important name role in off-page SEO. But it doesn't mean that you have to create only backlinks and overlook other aspects. Whereas according to google algorithms' guidelines, excessive backlinks may be counted as spam and it is true, because from 2015, Google focuses on excessive backlinks.

Wherever we learn about Off-Page SEO we should understand that how much links we have to create in how much time so that it will be quality backlink and when it will be counted as spam!

Here we are going to explain all about it. Which are these things that we do majorly in off page SEO?

First of all, analyze the structure of your website. Ex. Flat structure, hierarchical structure etc. Implementing right structure is very important. Now, it is required to give reference of our website to some another website.

There are some important techniques.

1) search engine submission - Google is a search engine, where we submit our website likewise there so many search engines, Yahoo, Bing. We can't say that much more traffic will come from there. But a little bit traffic per month will come definitely. So we register our website on such search Engines.

2) Free classified submission - You have seen platforms like OLX, Locanto, where we can post our ads and if our website is related to E-commerce then well and good but if not then also we can post ads or information related to our website. Then, our website will get registered on this platform. Right? Thus we will get benefit from these submissions.

3. Image submission: There are lots of websites where you submit your images, graphics along with your website's reference. From there also, traffic & users will reach to our website definitely!

4.PDF/ PPT Submission: Now, see you have heard about slide share, slide show websites and so many like that. Here people submit. created by them. And in these PPT's description they attach link of their own website. In this way if your website has presence on some other popular websites, indirectly our website also get benefit through PPT submission.

5. Social bookmarking: When you hear the name of social media, name of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. will blink in your mind. But there are so many social media platforms other than these. You can create your account on such platforms and post your business along with your websites' link.

6. Forum posting. There are so many open forums of communities, where you get opportunities of discussion and debate. On such sites, you can comment and give reference of your website. It will help to bring traffic to your website. It is open for everybody and huge amount of people participate in it. It means more likely people will visit your website from such forums.

7. Guest Blog: Here we talk about Blog submission. There are many sites like, where you can post blogs, articles as a guest san and you can add your website's link in such blogs. Thus guest blogging is a good of option for you in for off page SEO.

8. Press Release submission: If your company has organized an event then you Can submit Press Release of that Event. There are such websites where you write an article about your event. Also you can refer your website in these articles. This plays very important role in making your website more popular!

9. Infographic Submission - You can submit infographics as you submit images. There are different websites to submit your infographics.

10. Video Submission. You all know about You tube. As we post videos on You Tube, in the same way you can submit videos on different video submission sites and along with video you can refer your website.

11. Q&A Submission: Here most popular site is Quora. People answers the questions and give reference of thin website. This is very an excellent example to popularize your website

These are the all the tools of Off-Page SEO.